Visualization of Solids of Known Cross Section

This program will help the high school calculus teacher or student visualize one of the more abstract concepts in calculus, solids created from cross section slices of known area with the X-Y base bounded by arbitrary functions.

Up to 12 functions and initial X and Y ranges are entered to define the potential base of the solid. The user can then scale the resulting plots by dynamically changing the X and Y scale. Finally, the user selects the density of cross section slices and specific area they want to use as the base of the solid.

Once the base of the solid is defined, the user then picks one of the following cross section types: Square, Equilateral Triangle, Isosceles Triangle w/Hypotenuse in x-y Plane, Isosceles Triangle w/Leg in x-y Plane (left or right), Rectangle with Height = n * Base (0.1 < n < 5.0), or Semicircle.

The next step is to view the rendered solid interactively in 3D with full control over object yaw, pitch, roll, translation (X, Y, and Z), and zoom camera control.

The demo version of Cross Section Solids has the user-defined function input disabled (only the defaults are available for previewing), as well as only being able to render the square and equilateral triangle cross sections.

If you enjoy this program, please consider purchasing the full version to help support independent software development.

System Requirements: Windows OS with DirectX 7 (or higher), 1024×768+ desktop resolution, 1+ GHz CPU recommended

Download the demo version here: (0.8 MB)

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