Math Arcade V1.2

Put away your calculator and give Math Arcade a try! Whether you’re a grade school student learning basic math for the first time or an old timer in need of a refresh, Math Arcade will hone your mental math skills like nothing else!

Math Arcade is a collection of 8 different games with 5 skill levels each. The games vary from simulated flash card learning for addition, subtraction, and multiplication, to full blown long hand addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is even a mind-bending equation builder that will be sure to test even the best mental math wizards!

There is both a practice and an arcade mode for each game. In practice mode, you can try as many problems as you want. In arcade mode, up to 4 people at once can compete solving a fixed number of problems in a race against the clock and accuracy for a shot at the high score table.

At the end of each arcade game attempt, a summary sheet is provided to review your performance. There is even printing support so you can have a permanent record of any summary report.

The demo version of Math Arcade has 2 of the 8 games enabled for your evaluation. If you enjoy this program, please consider purchasing the full version to help support independent software development.

System Requirements: Windows OS, 800×600+ desktop resolution, 300+ MHz CPU recommended

Download the demo version here: (1.04 MB)

Order the full version of Math Arcade V1.2 for $9.95

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